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Syeda’s Makaton Story

A Parent's Path: Syeda’s Makaton Story

Syeda with her family

Syeda with her parentsOur beautiful daughter Syeda was born in 2016. As she grew and developed, we realised that she was missing certain milestones and after repeated trips to the doctors, nothing serious was identified as the cause.

Then at 11 months, she suffered a fit whilst struggling with a cold and flu. What happened next would change our lives forever. What little progress she had made regressed, and we were told she had Global Developmental Delay and suffered Febrile Seizures. After seeing a Neurological Paediatrician, we finally got a diagnosis of Spastic Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, and Global Developmental Delay.

Speech was one aspect where we really struggled as a family. We were told she may never talk and that we should prepare for that scenario. We moved back to the UK and set up lots of private appointments with different hospitals.

It wasn’t until Syeda was 3 1/2 years old that we were told about Makaton by our amazing Early Year Support Worker, Mel (Sandwell Council). She set us up for a taster session for parents with additional needs children. Despite Syeda being so young, we used Makaton and it only made a slight impact. I was worried and reluctant to continue this journey as I thought it might be an impediment to her speech. After being convinced by my husband, we both decided to give this journey everything we could. We both enrolled privately onto Level 1 and Level 2 Makaton courses. We began using it at home with each other and with Syeda as much as we could. It was through a lot of repetition and perseverance that Syeda started to say words and communicate her needs. It was an amazing achievement, and Makaton has become a part of our everyday life.

It was a fabulous feeling seeing the positive impact this had on Syeda finally being able to communicate her basic needs. My husband and I decided to continue and both completed Level 3 and Level 4. We found that a lot of behaviours that had once been present reduced significantly. Her ability to communicate what activities she wanted to do, when she wanted to use the washroom, what she wanted to eat, etc., increased. It had meant her overall life quality was improved. Her personality grew and her ability to socialise with greater confidence also improved.

Despite her newfound ability to now communicate her needs, it was still frustrating when we were out and about in social situations where she wanted to interact with others around her. As they were unable to communicate with her despite being willing to do so. People would ask us signs when they wanted to include and talk to Syeda, it ranged from people in the healthcare professions to general members of the public to friends and family. As a result, we realised quickly we had to make the environment around Syeda Makaton aware and improve the skills of all willing individuals to increase her comfort at all levels of interaction in the wider society outside the home. We knew we had to teach Makaton to make the change.

Following this, I decided to do the Makaton Tutor Course to facilitate Syeda. Her use of Makaton is a lifetime journey and the impact it has had is unparalleled. As a family, it has helped us all communicate and meant Syeda is now included in every aspect of our lives.

I will always be grateful to Mel for introducing us to Makaton and also to my husband for convincing me to persevere on this journey.



28th May 2024

At home

Makaton Aware launched

Makaton Aware launched

Makaton Aware sticker

Young man paying for drinks in a pubPromoting inclusivity and enhancing communication!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Makaton Aware, an initiative dedicated to fostering inclusivity and accessibility in public spaces. Whether you are part of a business, organisation, or a passionate individual, you can help create welcoming environments where everyone feels valued and understood.

Why Makaton Aware?

Makaton Aware is an innovative initiative committed to breaking down communication barriers and ensuring everyone feels understood. Our goal is to build a network of inclusive spaces where people from diverse backgrounds can thrive. This initiative is perfect for anyone looking to promote inclusivity without the need for extensive training.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple: to build a community where everyone's voice is heard and understood. Through Makaton Aware, we promote inclusivity, empower individuals, and foster meaningful connections.

Benefits of Joining Makaton Aware

Embrace Understanding and Patience: Approach communication with patience and understanding, respecting diverse ways of expression.

Allow Time and Space: Ensure individuals have the necessary time and space to communicate in their preferred manner.

Foster Inclusivity: Create a nurturing atmosphere where every community member feels valued.

Provide Staff Support: Offer assistance and support to customers facing communication challenges.

Use Clear Signage: Implement clear symbols throughout your environment to aid easy navigation and identification.

How it works

  1. Complete the Online Form: Answer a few simple questions and provide your contact information.
  2. Make Payment: Complete the £50 annual enrolment payment.
  3. Receive Your Resources: Upon signup, you'll receive a comprehensive resource pack, including a Makaton Aware certificate, window sticker, symbol cards, and more.
  4. Promotion: Your business will be featured on our interactive map and promoted to our 80k+ social media followers.
  5. Stay Informed: Receive email updates on Makaton news, events, and training opportunities.
  6. Download Resources: Access a wide range of digital resources, including the Makaton Aware logo to showcase on your website and materials.

Special welcome gift

In your first year, you'll receive our bestselling Everyday Vocabulary Flashcards and a Makaton Aware small bundle pack, featuring practical items like a branded pen, badge, and lanyard - worth over £20!

Join Makaton Aware for just £50 per year. Take the first step towards a more inclusive society. Sign up today to become Makaton Aware and enrich your community experience.

Together, let's create a world where everyone's voice is heard and understood.

Click here for more information about Makaton Aware and how to get involved

22nd May 2024


Taylor’s Terrific New Resource!

Taylor's Terrific New Resource!

Taylor sitting downWe are thrilled to share an exciting addition to the Makaton Library, all thanks to Taylor, a passionate Makaton User. 

Taylor approached us with a brilliant idea: creating Wheelchair Access Posters featuring Makaton symbols. Now, we are delighted to share that these essential resources are readily available for everyone to access!

Taylor told us: “I was exploring the Makaton website and I realised there weren’t many resources for wheelchair users, so I decided to create some. 

I had an idea and the charity’s Resource Team made them a reality. 

I have personal experience of needing space for my wheelchair which I use all of the time. Sometimes if there is no clear parking sign to say that the space needs to be big enough, I haven't been able to get out of my car because others have parked too close. I am excited this resource will help people to think more about the amount of space they leave. 

I designed these posters to raise awareness in the Makaton community of the needs of wheelchair users.”
Thank you Taylor for working with us to create this fantastic resource! 

You can find the four versions of Taylor’s Wheelchair Access poster on the Makaton Library by searching for ‘Wheelchair Access”. 

  • Please remember to leave space for electric wheelchair access
  • Please remember to leave 2 metres for electric wheelchair access
  • Please remember to leave space for manual wheelchair access
  • Please remember to leave 2 metres for manual wheelchair access


wheelchair access poster



18 April 2024


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Cover of Makaton Annual Report 2022/2023, showing a smiling man

Annual Report

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