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Membership gives you 24/7 digital access to all the symbols and signs within the Makaton Vocabulary. With video tutorials, the support of a vibrant online community, and the ability to download* your favourite content for easy offline access, Membership is the essential partner for your Makaton journey.

Why join?

Never be lost for words

  • Search and view Makaton signs, symbols and video tutorials
  • New content added weekly to progress your Makaton journey

Quickly find your go-to signs and symbols

  • Fast access to key signs and symbols in your personal favourites box
  • Download favourites to your phone for easy offline access

MakaChat - The help you need when you need it

  • Gain new friends and support in our vibrant online community
  • Ask the experts, Makaton Tutors are online to answer your queries

Have fun and learn with full access to the Makaton Library *

  • Useful everyday communication tools and practical Wordlists
  • Enjoy Activities, Games, Video Signed Stories and Signs for Songs  

Broaden your experience with free attendance to Exclusive Member Events

  • Meet like-minded people and build on your Makaton knowledge
  • Choose the best events for you from a wide range of options

Share the benefits, spread the cost

The Makaton Library is a brand-new digital platform that provides Members with fast, easy access to Makaton signs and symbols - plus video tutorials, activities, games, songs, and stories. As a Member, you can access the Library anytime using your phone, tablet, or computer, and download go-to content directly to your device.*

Friends & Family Memberships (4 logins) enable you to share the benefits with friends and family, and practise your new signing skills while enjoying a group discount. You can pay for a Friends & Family membership using a payment card, or monthly, by Direct Debit.

Do you want to empower your staff to communicate confidently using Makaton?

Organisation Memberships (4 - 100 logins) allow you to provide all your staff and team members with their own logins and access to the complete Makaton Library of resources at a substantial discount. You can pay for an Organisation membership using a payment card or a purchase order.

As a Member you get full access to 40,000+ signs, symbols and video tutorials, enabling communication in a broad range of scenarios and settings. You also enjoy the support of expert Makaton Tutors in our online community, MakaChat. Here you can ask questions, meet like-minded people, and get the support you need to progress on your Makaton journey. We also organise free Member Events and webinars.


Premium Membership

1 login

40,000+ sign, symbol and video files. Choose Premium to continue and progress your Makaton journey

£10.49 monthly
£105 annually


Pay by Card or Direct Debit

Friends & Family

Premium Membership

4 logins

40,000+ sign, symbol and video files. Discount for groups continuing their Makaton learning journey.

£14.49 monthly
£156 annually


Pay by Card or Direct Debit


Premium Membership

4 - 100 logins

40,000+ sign, symbol and video files. Discount for organisations continuing their Makaton learning journey.

from £156 annually
click here for pricing details


Pay by Card or Purchase Order

“I have been really impressed with how easy it is to search for a word, and to quickly find a symbol, sign diagram and video of the word I need. The fact that I can open on any device and am not limited to one under a restricted licence is brilliant. I can look up a sign on any devices we have to hand at the time… Thanks Makaton Charity for developing such a fabulous resource.”
Tiffanie, Makaton Member
“I am really enjoying my Membership!  It is so useful to have all the signs and symbols just at my fingertips and I love that I can log on from my phone when I am out and about if I need to quickly check a sign - so handy!”
Lucinda, Makaton Member

Frequently Asked Questions

What vocabulary topics are included with membership?

Premium Membership includes access to signs, symbols and video tutorials from the Core Vocabulary and Makaton Signing for Babies, over 450 concepts for everyday communication. Plus Animals, Food and Drink, People (work, leisure and  public services), Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE), Transport and Vehicles, Living and Learning, Additional concepts, and Sex Education. It also includes access to Core Resources, Free Resources, Member Events, Reports and Guides, and Research.

Where has Standard Membership gone?

The Makaton Charity have made the decision to remove Standard Membership. Going forwards Premium Membership will be the only paid membership type we provide. Through extensive user feedback, we have learned that members want access to a wider range of content and not be limited to a small selection of vocabulary and resources. We want to ensure that we are meeting the needs of all our members and providing them with the best possible experience and we believe that Premium Membership does this more successfully. We have made this decision based on our commitment to providing high quality products and services.

I'm planning to attend Makaton Training, do I need Membership as well?

Membership complements and enhances training. With 24/7 access to symbols, signs and video tutorials plus a supportive online community Membership is designed for the duration of your Makaton journey.

Can Group Members access the Makaton Library at the same time?

Yes, each group member has unique login and can access the Makaton Library anytime using one of up to four registered devices (eg work computer, home laptop, tablet and phone).

Why do I have to pay for Membership?

The Makaton Charity operates as efficiently as possible, carefully controlling costs and expenses.  We do not receive Government funding or rely on donations. The charges we make for services reflect production costs and enable us to maintain the highest standards in the governance and development of the Makaton Language Program.  This method of financing means we are robust and well placed to continue to support all those who benefit and rely on Makaton for their communication needs.

If I take out Membership will I still need to attend Makaton training?

If you prefer to learn at your own pace, in your own time, and in your own home then membership is a great way to begin and continue your Makaton journey.  For those new to Makaton, we still recommend training. In training, you learn with other people, share your experiences, receive feedback on your signing and symbol work and benefit from practising with others.

Is there a limit to the number of files I can download from the Library?

You can download up to 150 files per month.


Annual Membership models are a 12 month subscription paid annually. Pay Monthly Membership models are a minimum 12 month subscription which can be cancelled at any time upon completion of the initial 12 month subscription. The money we receive through our Membership subscriptions support the Charity to curate, develop and expand the use of the Makaton Language Programme. The Charity is committed to enabling all who need Makaton to access the signs and symbols. If you have some great ideas on what you would like to see available within the membership, please let us know: [email protected]

All Makaton Membership types are classified as Informal Supporter Members of The Makaton Charity, where Supporter Membership is defined as an ‘informal membership’, who may be called a ‘member’ but who are not a company member of the Charity entitled to vote at general meetings.

* You can download up to 150 files per month. We cannot guarantee access to the Library on iPads running iOS12, or on other out-of-date browsers and operating systems. Please make sure you are using the latest versions of your browser and operating system.