Makaton Local Tutor

Makaton Local Tutor

Woman signing 'cut with a knife' to a man preparing to chop tomatoesNote: We are currently reviewing our training so will not be running any Local Tutor training courses this year. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. For further information please email training@makaton.org.

A Makaton Local Tutor is usually someone with considerable practical experience of using Makaton within a specific environment, or with a specific group of people. Makaton Local Tutors can deliver training for parents and carers.

They also act as co-ordinators, identifying need and advising on appropriate use of Makaton.

Local Tutor Training

This training covers the design of the Makaton Language Programme and its implementation over an extensive range of difficulties.  You will develop knowledge and understanding of language structure; develop your translation skills and techniques to advance signing and symbol use.

Entry criteria

You must have competed the Beginners' Workshop and the Follow-Up Workshop.  You will also need to demonstrate relevant skill and experience as part of your application.

Duration and assessment

Part 1 of this training takes 3 days and Part 2 is 1 day (4 days total). For Part 2 you will be assessed delivering sessions from the Beginners' Workshop. 

You will be asked to complete a project related to using Makaton within your work environment.required to deliver sessions from the Beginners' Workshop.

On successful completion of this training you will be issued with a Local Tutor Certificate and can then apply for a licence to practice.


Go to Find training to search for Local Tutor Training in your area.

For more information and an application pack, please contact the training team on 01276 606777 or training@makaton.org.or call our training team on 01276 606777.

Communication Funday

A young man practices his signing while a woman holds out a plastic cup to him

Local Tutor Laura recently took a group of people from Condover College Limited to The Communication Friendly Funday at the Makaton Friendly Links Café...


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