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Find training

To start learning Makaton you should attend a Level 1 workshop, which can also be called Beginners' Workshop (Day 1) or Foundation Workshop (Day 1). It does not matter which one you attend as they all cover the same content.

Once you have attended Level 1 you can extend and deepen your understanding by attending a Level 2 workshop, which can also be called Beginners' Workshop (Day 2) or Foundation Workshop (Day 2).

Level 1 and 2 workshops are often combined. These combined workshops are included in the search results for Level 1 workshops.

After completing Level 2 you can attend a Level 3 workshop, which can be called a Follow-Up Workshop or an Enhancement Workshop.

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Teenage boy using a mitre saw

The benefits were immediate for me: students readily responded to its use, some even seemingly making verbal responses whereas before this hadn't been the case...


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