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"Makaton gave me a way to communicate but it gave me even more, it gave me a life" Alex, an adult with severe autism, who has used Makaton since she was a child

Today thousands of children and adults rely on Makaton to help them communicate with those around them.

With your kind donations and fundraising, The Makaton Charity will be able to continue to increase our support to them. Enabling the people and their families who depend on Makaton to communicate in their everyday lives, breaking down the isolation people feel when they experience difficulties and can’t speak. 

We receive no government funding so our future development is only possible thanks to you, our wonderful supporters. 

Help us to help people who need to use Makaton to communicate. Thank you!

This section contains lots of fantastic ideas for having fun while fundraising. Your fundraising activity will mean we can continue to do our very best to make sure that everyone who needs to access Makaton, gets it.

To discuss your ideas, email fundraising@makaton.org

(And don't forget, it's easy to make a donation!)


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Our Makaton Day

Riversigners choir in action

Jacob uses Makaton every day, he has a SEN assistant who works brilliantly with him, and there are Makaton symbols all around the school. We held a Makaton Day to raise awareness and money...


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