Meal Times

Meal Times

Makaton symbols for `to lay the table` and `drinks` and the sign for `ketchup`
The perfect tool to help people get ready for, make choices about, and fully participate in meal times! Signs for getting ready, making choices, descriptions, food, instructions, equipment and people. Key Makaton symbols are also included. Only available as a downloadable printable resource.
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Fantastic little book on food and drink.
Has loads of useful signs for any meal of the day and includes cutlery, got and cold and all sorts. Thoroughly recommended for anyone using Makaton for meal times.

Line drawings of signs relating to meal times, including:

  • sentences for getting ready
  • sentences for making choices
  • sentences for meal time
  • description and food
  • instructions and communication
  • environment and equipment
  • people
  • naming using Makaton
  • finger spelling chart

Makaton symbols for breakfast, chopped meal, dinner, drinks, lunch, packed lunch, pudding, pureed meal, ketchup, cutlery, to carry food, to drink, to eat, to lay the table, to pass food, tray, to wash hands, and to wipe the table.

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