Max and Sally

Cover of book showing Max (red dog) & Sally (red haired girl)

Watch Max develop an understanding that being different from others can be positive, his red fur gives him a characteristic that makes him unique from other dogs. On his adventure to find a loving forever home Max finds Sally, who shares similarities with him and an unconditional friendship flourishes between them.

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Wow.... mine arrived...thankyou lovely lovely book... great as a gift for a younger child we love it xxx

Written by Laura Bennett. Illustrated by Emily Sanders. The Max and Sally book is adapted for Makaton users as it includes Makaton symbols next to the text and an additional sign bank.

Laura was inspired to write the short story of ‘Max and Sally’ whilst volunteering for the Seaford Down’s Syndrome and Special Needs support group. Seeing the lack of concept-themed books available to Makaton users, she decided to create her own heartfelt story.

In need of an illustrator who shared her vision and could understand the nature of the book, Laura began her search. Soon enough she found Emily, an illustrator who also volunteered for Families for Autism. Well-educated within the field of special educational needs, both personally and professionally, she took the story under her wing.

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Creating the book has been a rewarding adventure, bringing to life the emotions and characters of Max and Sally for us all to share.

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