Makaton symbols and signs from the Performing Arts vocabulary relating to dance. Ideal for use in the classroom or at home. Only available as a downloadable printable resource.
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Brilliant for any sports/dance participators. Lots of great signs I wouldn't have thought of putting in. Very good book to go along with international sports if needed for physical education/sports within any setting.

Contains the following vocabulary: ballerina, ballet, ballet dancer, blindfold, cannon, to celebrate, to choreograph, choreographer, to cool down, corps-de-ballet, to crawl, to dance, to exercise, to follow, to freeze (action / hold position), journey, to lead, leader, to lie down, to lift (a person or self), partner (generic), partnership, pattern (body shape), performance (dance), to point (hand / arm), to point (leg / foot), route, stand still, together, travel, to travel downstage, to travel upstage, to travel stage left, to travel stage right, and working together.

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