Makaton Board Game

Makaton Board Game

The Makaton Board Game

A game to help revise and link Makaton symbols and signs together, designed and created by Makaton Tutor Nicola Pike.

All concepts in the game are taken from Stages 1 - 3 of the Makaton Core Vocabulary.

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The game is designed for between two and four people to play. Print off the game board in colour, it could be printed on A3 paper to make it a larger board if required. You will need to find some game pieces or counters, one counter for each player, you will also need a dice.

To play the game

  1. Set up the board.
  2. Decide who will go first.
  3. When it is your turn, throw the dice into the middle of the board.
  4. Move your counter the number of game squares the dice says.
  5. If you land on a square with a Makaton symbol on it then sign that concept.
  6. If you land on a square with an instruction, follow the instructions.
  7. Take it in turns to roll the dice so everyone can have a turn.
  8. The game is finished when the first player lands on the ‘Finish’ square.
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