MyChoicePad uses Makaton symbols and signs to help people develop their communication skills, express themselves and make independent choices. The app is only available for the iPad.

Subscriptions start from only £4.99 a month. Organisation tariffs available.

Visit www.mychoicepad.com to start a free trial.

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Shame its only for the people who can aford I pads, my daughter has a samsung galaxy tablet, witch are andriod apps,
I am the Regional Tutor for Jersey , Channel Islands and have worked in Special Needs Adult Day Services for 25 years. I adore the Mychoicepad and use it every day . I have encouraged other organisations to purchase iPads and the mychoice app has been so beneficial to many adults with communication and learning difficulties. It is so exciting.
My 11 month old nephew has all the Makaton signing for babies books . He loves them . He also likes the matching game on mychoicepad.
Thank so much To the developers. Just fantastic!
Caroline de Gruchy

MyChoicePad includes over 4000 Makaton symbols and signs. It comes with preloaded grids or you can build your own to create visual timetables, learning and assessment activities, as well as insert your own photos and audio recordings.

Learning Pathways

MyChoicePad’s Learning Pathways bring together proven speech and therapy techniques with the Makaton symbols and signs to deliver language development that is both effective and measurable.

Fun, engaging, games to inspire learning: Learning activities that are designed to allow progression at a pace that suits your user.

Track and monitor language development progress: Built in progress tracking allows you to see how your user is doing.

Developed by Speech and Language Therapists: MyChoicePad is proven to help language acquisition, communication skills and independence.

Visit www.mychoicepad.com to to find more.

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