Now and Next Resource

Now and Next Resource

Part of the Now & Next Resource showing symbols for Puzzle & Computer

Provides a visual prompt to help Makaton users to move on from one activity to another and to prepare them for what will happen next.

It can also be used to show them that a preferred activity (one which they find motivating) will happen, but after something else, for example 'Now puzzle, next computer.'

Knowing what to expect and when can help to reduce anxiety for some users.

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Includes Makaton symbols and signs for now, next, to sing, home, to create/ model, music, register, to play, toys, circle time, play dough, to glue/ stick, puzzle, computer, to build, bricks, story, book, to draw, to read, water, to paint, sand (2), apron, forest, outside, to walk, hold hands, to climb, tricycle, to run, ball, coat off, coat on, nappy, toilet, snack, wash hands, dinner (1), fruit, a drink of water, lunch box/ packed lunch, to cook (3), and to cook (1).

The symbols provided are only a sample of what language could be used, but are based on common activities that users will engage with at a setting.There are blank spaces provided to add your own drawings, pictures or photos.

Who might benefit from this resource

  • A user who has difficulty finishing one activity and moving on to another.
  • A user who has difficulty moving from a user led activity to an interactor led task.
  • A user who is reluctant to participate in a particular activity, for example, messy play (in this case the second item on the board would be something which you know the user really enjoys).
  • A user with limited attention skills.
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