Story telling with Makaton

Amanda Glennon
9th January 2017

Amanda signing in front of class


Once upon  time there was a class  of 5 and 6 year old children, all sat around their teacher listening intently. The teacher was reading a popular children’s story book to the children who were fascinated, their imaginations running wild. What was going to happen when she turned the page?

Sound like a fairy tale to you too?

When I recently came across an article outlining the benefits of story telling, I immediately thought about how not only children with communication challenges, but lots of children would have barriers to those benefits.

From experience I know that using Makaton would make a huge difference. Making Story Time, accessible to all children, is so important – Inclusive Teaching Matters!

As National Story Telling Week approaches (28th January to 4th February 2017) it seems the ideal time to talk about this.

The downloads available from Makaton, for use to support reading a number of popular story books, are fantastic, and I suspect are an underutilised resource. They include key character signs and symbols, and for me have produced great results.

Amanda and Julia Donaldson signing with girlI was recently extremely privileged to use my Monkey Puzzle resources alongside Julia Donaldon. What a brilliant experience that was, and it got me thinking...

As a Makaton with Singing Tutor, I love how the practical approach to the singing workshop enables participants to put their new Makaton skills to use with immediate effect.

This inspired me to put together a story telling workshop, the main aim to show how to use the  printable resources. The outcomes should be that the participants  gain confidence in using the resources shared in the workshop, and also the other resources available via the Makaton website.

So how does it work?

The Story Telling Workshop acts as an exension / add-on to previous Makaton training, as we are only looking to teach the new signs and symbols to supporting the titled story book, and then reading and signing through the story together.

In advance, each participant will be asked to download the resources for the books we will be covering, as these will be the focus for teaching the vocabulary signs. In the workshop there will also be a copy of each story book, with appropriate symbols within them, and some further ideas for discussion and story comprehension.

If you are inerested in my workshops or running your own, please feel free to contact me:

..and they all lived happily ever after!

Amanda Glennon is a Makaton Regional Tutor

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