Leaps and bounds

Jenny H
4th May 2012

Joshua in a sports shirt


Joshua is 3½ and has speech and language delay. We started using Makaton a year and a half ago.

I had used Makaton many years ago as part of my nurse training. I have two Something Special DVDs, and the Core Vocabulary and Animals, Transport and Vehicles books of signs. And I have just ordered the Food and Drink book of signs.

We watch the Something Special DVDs together and our speech therapist has recommended some Makaton training. I have spoken with The Makaton Charity about suitable courses. My husband also uses Makaton with Joshua, and we think the training will be particularly beneficial for him.

I think my Makaton has improved a lot. I sometimes start signing to my colleagues at work. They have been very supportive, and some of them ask to see my latest new sign. In fact, I think some basic signs could be implemented in my work place: I work on an intensive care unit and some patients have tracheotomies and are temporarily unable to talk.

Joshua started nursery last September, and due to his special educational needs the nursery has been awarded Early Years funding, which they are using to have Makaton training.

Joshua really enjoys signing, and his language has come on leaps and bounds. If it was not for Makaton he would still be frustrated trying to be understood.

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