• ARK Rose Primary Academy

    Young girl signing dinner

    I am so passionate about communication and have seen such amazing breakthroughs with the children, young people and their families that I have taught, and that whatever role I have had, I just always wanted to make a difference and I believe teaching Makaton helps me do that.

    On 28 Apr 2015 / By Josephine Hayes
    At school
  • Makaton Folk

    Folk Night

    Singing with Makaton signs is a beautiful and captivating thing to watch. I've tested out a few of the songs at various folk events, and the reaction I've had from the audience has been humbling...

    On 22 Apr 2015 / By Cat Kelly
    Out and about
  • My Makaton teacher!

    jacqui with her son, at a picniv

    We learned Makaton when he was younger but I didn’t think it would continue to be useful. I thought ‘well he has some language so to keep signing would be holding him back’. I was completely wrong of course: I am still learning new signs and still using Makaton in all sorts of situations...

    On 29 Jan 2015 / By Jacqui S
    At home
  • Mathew and Makaton

    Jill and Mathew

    Whenever I get irritated by his constant barrage of questions...  I remind myself about the years I waited to hear him say "Mummy" and "I love you" and I'm thankful that we managed to break through the barriers... I'm positive we have Makaton to thank for that!

    On 09 Jan 2015 / By Jill M-M
    At home
  • A gift of a project

    Screenshot of the Advent Calendar being produced

    When the possibility arose that the Advent Calendar might not happen this Christmas, we decided to follow the example of the Makaton community and pitch in; after all, we look forward to a new video every day as much as you do!

    On 01 Dec 2014 / By Rochelle Dancel
    At work
  • Communication Funday

    A customer shows a staff member a symbol while she signs chocolate

    Local Tutor Laura recently took a group of people from Condover College Limited to The Communication Friendly Funday at the Makaton Friendly Links Café.

    On 24 Nov 2014 / By Laura C
    Out and about
  • It started with Play School

    Carol Chell

    Carol Chell, much loved children’s TV presenter, recently took part in the BBC’s Pointless programme.  We are thrilled that Carol decided to nominate The Makaton Charity as her chosen charity.  We asked her to share her Makaton story...

    On 21 Oct 2014 / By Carol Chell
    Out and about
  • My Makaton journey: part 3

    In her third blog, Shona Chambers, North East Parent Adviser for Contact and a Makaton Regional Tutor, tells us how her son Michael is progressing...

    On 24 Sep 2014 / By Shona Chambers
    At home
  • A beautiful bond

    Isla M

    Isla began to sign mummy and daddy instantly, and straight away asked for more and more signs. She was so quick to learn the signs that it gave me a confidence boost in being an example for her and for Olly...

    On 08 Sep 2014 / By Danielle M
    At home
  • Angelman to the rescue!


    My twin brother, Theo, was finally, after nearly 18 years, diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome. After the diagnosis, I dedicated an A-Level art project to Angelman Syndrome: turning Angelman into a superhero and make a comic strip to outline some of the symptoms..

    On 26 Jun 2014 / By Reece J
    At home