Makaton worldwide

Makaton worldwide

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Makaton is used in many different countries. For contact details of Makaton organisations and tutors in your country, please select your country below:

  • Makaton Cyprus

    Theotokos Foundation
    Pre-School Special Education Unit
    PO Box 53098
    3300 Limassol

    (office times 8.00am - 1.30pm)

    tel: 00 (357) 257 468283
    fax: 00 (357) 257 46027
    email: n.nicos@cytanet.com.cy

    Contact Person: Jill Neophytou

  • Makaton France

    18 Place Bugnot
    85000 LA ROCHE SUR YON

    tél: 02 51 05 96 77
    fax: 02 51 05 34 44
    email: makaton@laposte.net
    website: www.makaton.fr

  • Makaton Germany

    Makaton Deutschland
    Sertoriusring 18
    55126 Mainz

    email: makaton@gmx.de
    website: www.makaton-deutschland.de

  • Makaton Gibraltar

    Department of Speech and Hearing
    Primary Care Centre
    ICC Building

    tel: 350 52058 ext 3
    email: pccspeech@gib.gov.gi

    Contact person: Rachel Bear

  • Makaton Hellas

    64 Apostolopoulou Street
    Attica 15231

  • email: contact@makatonhellas.gr
    website: www.makatonhellas.gr

  • Makaton India

    901 B-3 Whispering Palms
    Lokhandwala Complex
    Akurli Road
    Kandivali (e)
    Mumbai 400101

    tel: 884 1115/414 2905
    email: rubinalal99@gmail.com

    Contact person: Dr Rubina Lal

  • Makaton Japan

    The Nihon Makaton Kyoukai
    c/o Asahide Gakuen Kyouiku Kenkyuusho
    7-12-16 Higashi-Ohoizumi
    Japan 178-0063

    tel: 81-03-3922-9781
    website: makaton.jp

  • Makaton Kuwait and the Gulf Region

    The Makaton Centre: Kuwait and the Gulf Region
    The Kuwait Society for the Handicapped
    P O Box 6832
    Hawalli 32043

    tel: (965) 2263 1277 or (965) 2263 2343
    email: Makaton-Kuwait@hotmail.com

    Contact person: Mrs Sabeeka Al Jasser (Director)

    Note: The Gulf Region consists of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai, and Bahrain.

  • Makaton New Zealand / Aotearoa

    PO Box 20034
    Glen Eden
    Auckland 0641

    tel: 09 818 7115
    fax: 09 818 4115
    email: MakatonNZA@outlook.com
    website: www.makaton.org.nz

    Contact person: Mrs Liza Brown

  • Makaton Pakistan

    Makaton Tutors, Karachi: Lise Rudvin and Raafia Ahmed
    Available to provide training information and advice.

  • Contact person:
    Lise Rudvin
    tel (mobile): 494 9520
    tel: 0333 215 7554

  • Makaton Poland

    Program Rozwoju Komunikacji Makaton Poland

    email: b.kaczmarek@makaton.pl
    office: makaton@makaton.pl
    website: www.makaton.pl

    Contact person: Dr Bogusia Kaczmarek

  • Makaton South Africa

    email: makatonsa@gmail.com

    Contact person: Makaton SA Admin

    Maggie Golding
    Cape Town
    Email: maggigolding@gmail.com

  • Makaton Switzerland

    Suzanne Kerr-Trébert
    Speech and Language Therapist RegMRCSLT
    Logopédiste diplômée ARLD
    Rue de la Gabelle 32
    CH - 1227 Carouge

    tél: 41 22 300.24.68
    tax: 41 22 301.31.76
    email: s.kerrtrebert@bluewin.ch

    Available to provide information and advice and occasional training.

  • The Makaton Charity

    Makaton Charity
    Westmead House
    Hampshire GU14 7LP

    tel: 44 1276 606 760
    email: info@makaton.org

    Information and advice about using Makaton in your country.

Wherever Makaton is used, we form partnerships with organisations in each country that can work with us to develop a version of Makaton that is appropriate for use there.  We work together to adapt the training and to implement a programme that means that the work will be sustainable.

If you are interested in using Makaton in your country and it is not listed below, please contact us for more information.  There are a number of countries where Makaton is in the process being adapted which are not listed here.

Please be aware that if you have been using Makaton in the UK and are planning to travel abroad to live or work, you must not use the British version of Makaton in other countries.  You will need to re-train to learn the correct signs and symbols for that country.

It is hugely important that wherever Makaton is used, that it is adapted to be appropriate for use in that country.

Using Makaton

At the centre of the Makaton Programme is the Core Vocabulary.  The Core Vocabulary was developed as a result of careful research.  It has the signs and symbols needed for everyday communication.  It is organised in Stages with early Stages containing signs and symbols for immediate needs like drink, eat and home.

In the UK, the signs used with Makaton are from British Sign Language.  The language used by the deaf community in each country is different from the next, even in English speaking countries. American Sign Language is different from British Sign Language which is different from Australian sign language etc.  It would therefore not be appropriate to use signs from the UK with people in other countries.  The British signs may cause offence, the hand shapes and movements may be entirely inappropriate.  People using the British version would be isolated and alienated from their culture and from the deaf community of their country.  This is the case which ever sign system is used.

The Makaton symbols are often a little more acceptable as they are more pictographic, but even still a symbol for 'Bread' in the UK is very different to the symbol for 'Bread' in say France.  It is therefore not always possible to use the symbols in another country.

In any adaptation one of the key things that must be done is to study the basic core vocabulary that is needed.  This will have some similarities to the Makaton Core Vocabulary in the UK, but there will be differences to reflect the different basic foods, weather, or activities for example.

We are always pleased to speak with you about using Makaton in other countries, so please get in contact if you would like more information.

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