How to nominate

How to nominate

Young man using MyChoicePad to communicate with a female shopkeeperIf you are interested in nominating your organisation or know of an organisation you believe should be Makaton Friendly then here is what to do:

  1. Download the Criteria for achieving a Makaton Friendly award (pdf file, 104kb) which gives some guidance of what you need to achieve to become Makaton Friendly.
  2. Complete a Makaton Friendly nomination form (pdf file, 166kb), which includes the price structure. The nomination form must be signed by the head of your nominated organisation and a licensed Makaton tutor.
  3. Return the form to us with the registration fee to: Makaton Friendly, The Makaton Charity, Westmead House, Farnborough, GU14 7LP
  4. Once your nomination has been approved you will receive your personailsed Makaton Friendly certificate and pack.

If you know of an organisation that you think could be Makaton Friendly we have a letter template (doc file, 15kb) that you may use to introduce the Makaton Friendly scheme to them.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to join the Makaton Friendly scheme?
The administration fee is £50 for organisations with under £1 million turnover and £100 for organisations with over £1 million turnover. Makaton Friendly is awarded for a period of 2 years.

How do I renew my membership?
We will contact you before your award is due to end to review your status and help you reapply. The renewal fee is £30 for under £1 million turnover and £50 for over £1 million turnover.

How can I pay the administration fee?
The administration fee is payable via cheque (made to The Makaton Charity), BACS, purchase order or card payment. If you would like to pay by card please contacted Sarah Drew on 01276 606767 to make payment once you have returned your nomination form.

Can I use the Makaton logo?
We have an electronic version of the Makaton Friendly logo which can be used on your website, letterhead, stationery etc. To request the logo please email sarah.drew@makaton.org

How do I get in touch with a Makaton Tutor to approve my nomination?
If you have had Makaton Training we suggest going back to the Makaton Tutor who delivered your training to sign off your application. If you do not currently have links with a tutor please email sarah.drew@makaton.org with your address and we will put you in contact with a Makaton Tutor in your area.

My organisation has multiple sites, can they all be Makaton Friendly?
For settings with multiple sites each individual location must be nominated and paid for individually so that they can have their own certificate and place on the Makaton Friendly map.

Makaton Friendly Respite Unit

Staff from Whitejaven Respite Unit with their Makaton Friendly certificate

Whitehaven Respite Unit in Northern Ireland has received the Makaton Friendly award for its outstanding work and good practice in the use of Makaton...


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