Makaton Friendly

Makaton Friendly

Two cafe waitresses offering plates of cakes

The Makaton Friendly scheme recognises local organisations and businesses that strive to make their services accessible to children and adults who use Makaton. 

We are passionate about communication and firmly believe that all children and adults with a learning or communication difficulty should be able to access the same services and facilities as everyone else.

How do I find a Makaton Friendly organisation?

We have created a Makaton Friendly map where you can see all the current Makaton Friendly places. So far there are cafés, donkey sanctuaries and a local post office! We will pin new Makaton Friendly organisations as they are approved.

Look out for Makaton Friendly organisations which will have this symbol in their window:

Makaton Friendly logo

Can I nominate my organisation as Makaton Friendly?

Yes. Go to How to nominate for details.

What makes an organisation Makaton Friendly?

The Makaton Friendly scheme is designed to recognise organisations or businesses that currently use Makaton in a simple, informal way to make Makaton users feel welcome and enable them to access services within their community.  For example, this could be a café which has a symbol version of their menu or a hairdresser who knows a few signs.

All organisations that have been awarded Makaton Friendly status have demonstrated that they:

  • Understand that different people use alternative ways to communicate.  They may use speech, signs, symbols or electronic devices to support or instead of, spoken language.
  • Provide a supportive and welcoming environment so that people who have learning or communication difficulties, old or young, can take part in the services that are provided.
  • Use some Makaton symbols and signs.  For example, use a few signs like 'hello' and 'drink' or use Makaton symbols to label doors such as toilets and exits.
  • Support people who use Makaton to access services that everyone else can.

How you can help

You can help in a number of ways!  Not only can you help get more organisations in your community nominated for the award but you can also:

  • visit Makaton Friendly places knowing that Makaton users will be supported and can access the services provided
  • act as a secret shopper - send feedback of your experience to info@makaton.org
  • spread the word!  Let's make sure that as many children and adults as possible benefit from being able to access services in their community!

If you would like more information about the Makaton Friendly scheme, please call us on 01276 606760 or email info@makaton.org

Marwell Zoo

Marwell Zoo road sign, showing a silhouette of a deer on a hand print

Marwell Zoo near Winchester has become the first zoo to gain a Makaton Friendly award. With around half a million visitors and over 40,000 school children they aim to make sure every one of them has an amazing experience...


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