Thank you, from Mr Tumble

Michael, dressed as Mr Tumble, crossing the finishing line at this year's London Marathon

Michael BarnettMichael Barnett
Trustee, The Makaton Charity

STOP PRESS: Michael is running the London Marathon again this year (2017). Visit his fundraising page and show your support!

Hi all

It is from the bottom of my heart that I must say a tremendous thank you for your support before, during and after this year's London Marathon. So far, a fantastic total of over £19,000 has been raised for The Makaton Charity and this has only been possible with the kind donations that trickled, flowed and then flooded in. I have been really humbled by your generosity.

The Makaton Charity is not huge, so the funds raised will make a real difference to helping us achieve our long term plans to improve the lives of more kids and adults with communication difficulties, as well as their families. The drive to help beneficiaries has received a real boost and I know that everyone at the Charity is immensely grateful.

Michael, dressed as Mr Tumble, running this year's London MarathonOn to the Marathon, if I may. Running in a costume was actually a bonus on a day that was quite cold, around 11-13 degrees, and given the great support from the crowds. There were a lot of smiles, waves and shouts for Mr Tumble. My time of 3 hours and 32 minutes was in the range I was after and that had me finish a mere 6,400 places or so behind Paula Ratcliffe. She beat me ... again.

Finally, I hope the photos I've included raise a smile, the least that you deserve for helping me prepare for, run and recover from 26.2 miles.

Michael, dressed as Mr Tumble, running this year's London Marathon
Michael, dressed as Mr Tumble, with another runner after finishing the London Marathon

With great appreciation,


2nd June 2015

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  • Teresa Cutmore
    03 June 2015 9:28

    Wow! What a fantastic response - well done, Michael!