CEO discusses viral video

Watch The Makaton Charity's CEO, Stephen Hall, on BBC News discussing the viral video of six-year-old Tom's amazing response to Rob Delaney's CBeebies Bedtime Story, Using Makaton with Ten in a Bed.


Tom's mum Laura McCartney says Tom, who has complex medical needs, was "enthralled" to see a story told "in his language".

See also our free download, Using Makaton with Ten in a Bed

Tracy Clark, the Makaton Senior Tutor who worked with Rob Delaney, was also interviewed on BBC News:

20th November 2018

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1 Comment

  • Gill Haynes
    03 December 2018 11:14

    As a former trustee, I am thrilled to see this fantastic achievement, and would like to congratulate the whole team effort that secured such great coverage. I'm delighted that Makaton is going from strength to strength and hope to see many more 'bedtime stories' delivered in this way.
    Very best wishes
    Gill Haynes