Dwylo’r Enfys

Dwylo’r Enfys

Heulwen and Cawod signing OK

Dwylo'r Enfys is a Welsh language children's programme shown on S4C's Cyw (Chick) service, which uses Makaton symbols and signs to support speech.

Feedback from the programmes so far has been amazing. Dwylo'r Enfys is helping children with and without communication difficulties to communicate. Following on directly from this success, and in conjunction with Ceidiog, The Makaton Charity has received funding from the Welsh Government to create Welsh language Makaton resources and training to enable Welsh communities to access Makaton in their own language.  In addition, a brand new website called Arwydd/Sign offers an online space for parents and practitioners to share their experiences.

The original idea for Dwylo'r Enfys came from Ruth Thomas - mum to six year old Enfys. Ruth and her family have first-hand experience of using Makaton to communicate - Makaton has transformed life for Ruth and her family and she wanted to share this experience.

Ruth's vision was for a Welsh language Makaton programme for children with learning and communication difficulties:

"I wanted to create a Welsh Makaton visual point of reference which would promote the social inclusion of children with communication and learning difficulties, depicting them in their everyday settings with their friends and families, reflecting a true picture of how life really is in Wales today."

The show's original format was  developed and produced by preschool specialist and experienced producer Nia Ceidiog and the Ceidiog team and is currently shooting its third series in the space of a year.

It is S4C's Cyw's most popular show. Though the show targets and stars children with special communication needs, its audience includes all children regardless of their needs. Nia Ceidiog says that this is an extremely important project:

"Communication is a two way process - and it's important that children who don't have special communication needs learn about Makaton too. The programme is a great contribution to Welsh life and the Welsh people."

"Our three year old son has watched the first programme over and over online and loves it! He doesn't have additional learning needs but has a friend who uses Makaton and we have learned more signing in a week of Dwylo'r Enfys than two years of Mr Tumble! Thank you."
Lels Edwards

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