Makaton at Christmas campaign

Makaton at Christmas campaign

Group of Children wearing Christmas hats and jumpers

At Christmas we all start to receive emails and appeals from charities for donations to support them in a range of activities, such as enabling them to continue with their research, support people with different needs and disabilities, stand up for us, and campaign for our rights.

In the past, The Makaton Charity hasn’t been bold enough to ask for the support of the public but 2018 marks a step change. To enable us to create the new digital resources you are asking for, and to increase awareness of Makaton and the number of people who use it, we are changing our ways.

We want to be there for everyone with communication difficulties, so for the first time this festive season we ask you not to think of us but the 2.2 million people in the UK who struggle daily with communication, and to donate to our festive campaign.

Your donation will mean we can develop online resources and tools to equip people to be able to understand and be understood anywhere and at any time.


Thank you!


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