• Angus Council Resource Centres

    Signing cake

    Rosehill and Lilybank are Makaton Friendly Resource Centres in Angus that provide services for adults with learning disabilities. Read about all the ways they use Makaton to support individuals who attend the centres.

    On 01 Feb 2016 / By Doug F
    At work
  • Inclusive Amicus

    Erin holding a symbolized Amicus welcome letter and their Makaton Friendly certificate

    Amicus Foster Care supports families that care for children and young people. Read about how they use Makaton to support their children and young people and ask their views too!

    On 06 Jan 2016 / By Erin J
    At work
  • Donkey HQ: a very ‘Makaton Friendly’ place

    Staff and children signing 'donkey' standing next to a donkey

    You can’t easily walk through the doors of the Donkey Assisted Therapy Centre without either being greeted by a donkey braying, or seeing the Makaton symbols and signs leading through the play area, into the riding arena, and out to the sensory trail ride beyond...

    On 25 Nov 2015 / By Lauriel Woodley
    Out and about
  • Our Makaton Day

    Jacob laughing

    A huge thank you to everyone at Middlestown Junior and Infant School in Wakefield who held a Makaton Day and raised a magnificent £450 for The Makaton Charity! This is how they did it...

    On 27 Oct 2015 / By Rosemary Thompson
    At school
  • A Makaton Choir

    Friendships were flourishing where they hadn't been before, non-verbal members were actively starting to engage with their verbal peers, and the group were using signs with each other spontaneously. It was amazing! And so Riversigners were born...

    On 25 Sep 2015 / By Julie M
    Out and about
  • Makaton Friendly Respite Unit

    Staff from Whitehaven Respite Unit with their Makaton Friendly certificate

    Whitehaven Respite Unit in Northern Ireland has received the Makaton Friendly award for its outstanding work and good practice in the use of Makaton.

    On 07 Sep 2015 / By Grant Wetherall
    At work
  • Drawing back the curtains

    Teenage boy using a mitre saw

    John Laing Training (JLT) develop and deliver a range of training programmes to suit a variety of learners, businesses and industries. On the face of it you wouldn’t think they have much use for Makaton. However, appearances can be deceptive...

    On 29 Jun 2015 / By Chris G & Dave H
    At work
  • Marwell Zoo

    Marwell Zoo road sign, showing a silhouette of a deer on a hand print

    Marwell Zoo near Winchester has become the first zoo to gain a Makaton Friendly award. With around half a million visitors and over 40,000 school children they aim to make sure every one of them has an amazing experience...

    On 29 Jun 2015 / By Steve G
    Out and about
  • Makaton is such a gift

    Jacob Devine eating toast while sitting outside

    Makaton is such a gift. A gift to feel heard, understood, valued, important, to enable everyone to become themselves. Give Makaton a try, find a training course, and encourage all people who come into contact with your child to take part too...

    On 29 Jun 2015 / By Wendy Devine
    At home