Angelman to the rescue!
Just before Christmas of 2013, my twin brother, Theo, was finally, after nearly 18 years, diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome, after being told he had Cerebral Palsy when he was younger.
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Using Makaton for Maths
I am a Makaton Regional Tutor offering  training to carers and professionals who work with  Makaton users from the whole age range. That role takes up about three weeks of my professional year, the rest of the time I am a speech and language therapist working in paediatrics.
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At school
MyChoicePad Study
In my role of Speech and Language therapist, I have used different tools to help people communicate. This has ranged from high tech communication aids to the low tech range of devices and in recent years, tablets and iPads.
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Makaton, CBeebies Land and Alton Towers!
We were very excited to be invited to Alton Towers Resort to have a preview of the new Something Special Sensory Garden which is part of the new CBeebies Land attraction.
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