How to become a Makaton Tutor

How to become a Makaton Tutor

Group of young people sitting on colourful gym balls being taught signs by their teacher

A Makaton Tutor is usually someone with considerable experience of using Makaton with people of different ages and abilities.  A Makaton Tutor can deliver all of the standardised Makaton workshops and can work freelance.

They are also expected to provide support to others around them and liaise regularly with The Makaton Charity.

Tutor training

Makaton Tutor training covers, in depth, the design of the Makaton Language Programme and its implementation over an extensive range of difficulties.  You will develop your knowledge and understanding of language structure; develop your translation skills; learn about techniques to advance signing and symbol use and learn about delivering Makaton Workshops.

Training to become a Makaton Tutor is rigorous and can be hard work but it could be one of the most rewarding things you do! 

Entry Criteria

You must have completed

  1. the Beginners' Workshop or the Foundation Workshop


  1. the Follow-Up Workshop or the Enhancement Workshop

You should also evidence your experience of presenting information and using signs and symbols confidently with a range of people. 

Duration and assessment

Tutor Training is a four day assessed residential course which is £1,950. The cost includes tuition, all course material, accommodation, all meals and a copy of the Foundation Workshop Tutor Pack on successful completion.

Once you have successfully completed this training you will be issued with a Makaton Tutor Certificate and can then apply for a licence to practice.

Find a training course

Go to Find training to search for Tutor Training in your area. (Please note: The course name in the search resuils is currently still 'Regional Tutor Training' (see below), this will be corrected shortly.)

For more information and an application pack, please contact the training team on 01276 606777 or training@makaton.org.

Local and Regional Tutors

Up until recently there were two types of Makaton Tutor: Local and Regional. We have now combined both types into one role, the Makaton Tutor.

A Makaton Choir

Riversigners choir in action

Friendships were flourishing where they hadn't been before, non-verbal members were actively starting to engage with their verbal peers, and the group were using signs with each other spontaneously. It was amazing! And so Riversigners were born...


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