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How do I learn Makaton?

The best way to learn Makaton is to attend a workshop. It means that you learn with other people, share your experiences, receive feedback on your signing and symbol work and enables you to practise with others. It also gives you the opportunity to meet and build a relationship with a Makaton Tutor, who can help and support you in the future.

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What is Makaton and how do I learn it?

There are over 1,000 licensed Makaton Tutors across the UK, delivering training to over 30,000 parents, carers and professionals every year.  Having a tutor network across the UK means people access Makaton training locally and have a local support network.

Most tutors are employed by health, education and social care organisations and deliver Makaton training as part of their job.  Others work in a freelance capacity.

There are a range of workshops available which are designed to meet the level of training that you need; whether you are just starting out, progressing to a more advanced level or aiming to become a Makaton Tutor.

All Makaton training provides you with information about what Makaton is and how it can be used in different settings. You also learn signs and symbols from the Core Vocabulary to an appropriate level. The Core Vocabulary has the signs and symbols needed for everyday communication.

How can I be sure of the quality of the training I receive?

Makaton Tutors meet criteria and standards which are set by The Makaton Charity. They receive regular updates from the charity and must attend Continual Professional Development days as part of their licence to practice.

The Makaton Charity has a register of approved, licensed tutors and trainers. All licensed tutors have been trained and assessed by The Makaton Charity.

All of our training is standardised which means that wherever you receive your Makaton training, it is exactly the same as someone else will receive, in another part of the UK.

How much does Makaton training cost?

Makaton workshops are provided through our tutor network. In order to help keep the cost of Makaton training as low as possible, The Makaton Charity recommends the levels of fees that tutors and trainers should charge. Tutors and trainers charge for the training they offer but sometimes have to add on the cost of room hire, travel and other necessary expenses.

As part of your training, you will receive your own study materials which include: Makaton symbols and signs, participant manual(s) and a certificate of attendance.

The Makaton Charity is responsible for training all tutors. For more information see How to become a Makaton Tutor.

How do I find Makaton training?

Go to Find training to search for training in your area, or call the training team on 01276 606777 and they will put you in touch with a tutor near you.

Taster sessions

If you are not sure whether Makaton training is for you, try a Makaton Taster session.  These short sessions are designed for people who are interested in finding out about Makaton and deciding whether or not to attend Makaton training.

The Taster gives you a general introduction into what Makaton is and who uses it, with the opportunity to learn a few signs and symbols too.

What resources are available?

We have a wide selection of resources to help you learn Makaton. You should start with our Core Vocabulary resources. The Core Vocabulary provides a small nucleus of basic concepts essential to everyday life.

Makaton is such a gift

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Makaton is a gift. A gift to feel heard, understood, valued, important, to enable everyone to become themselves. Give Makaton a try, find a training course, and encourage all people who come into contact with your child to take part too...


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