Totemigo is a multi-purpose tactile tool which uses Makaton symbols to help you communicate and learn in a variety of fun ways. You can use Totemigo for making choices, sentences, matching and much more.

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There are 4 simple steps to using Totemigo:

  1. Choose your Makaton Core Vocabulary symbols from the Totemigo website
  2. Print, laminate and cut to size
  3. Insert labels
  4. Communicate, learn and play. Let's go!

Makaton with Totemigo video (on YouTube)

“Totemigo is an excellent tool which I found really helpful for children in a school setting. I used this at first for a sequencing activity within a communication activity. The pupils found it easy to use and the visuals created a great support and reference point. This would be a tool that I would use widely across my classroom for various activities and with a variety of children.”
Alicia Dooley – Dorin Park School

Use Totemigo with Makaton for...

  • Matching e.g. shapes, colours, animals
  • Building sentences
  • Sequence of events e.g. hospital visit
  • Recognition practice between object of reference and symbols
  • Instructions e.g. cooking, daily living
  • Timetables
  • Now and Next options
  • Communicating wants and needs (complex but looking into it)
  • Games
  • Subjects e.g. maths sums, PE, science
  • Choice making e.g. food choices, clothes, play time activities, colours
  • Family tree
  • Stories
  • Colourful semantics
  • Emotions e.g. how are you feeling, how is someone else feeling
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