The Collection

The Collection

Covers of Collection 2016,  MyChoicePad, MSB App, Signage for Schools & Colleges

*** 20% PRICE REDUCTION: USUAL PRICE £325.00 *** USB Stick with all the signs and symbols from the Core and Topic Vocabularies (except Sex Education) and from other published resources

Single user licence. For licences for more than one user, please phone 01276 606789.

The Collection can be used with Word (as clip art), Communicate: InPrint 2 and 3, and Communicate: SymWriter 2. The installer does not work with the Apple OS or on Chromebooks.

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Note: The Collection is supplied on a USB stick, not on a CD or DVD.

The Collection contains all the signs and symbols from the Core and Topic Vocabularies (except Sex Education) and those from other published resources, such as:

  • Nursery Rhymes
  • Make and Do
  • Book of Games
  • Something Special
  • Makaton Signing for Babies
  • Summer Games & International Sports
  • Voting at the Polling Station
  • Road Safety for Makaton Users
  • Makaton for Maths
  • Fitter Feet
  • Signs for Christian worship
  • Journey Planner
  • Going to the Dentist
  • Christmas Carols
  • Health Communication
  • General Social Care Council
  • Mental Health Act
  • Care Programme Approach
  • Electrical Safety

You can use the graphics to create your own resources such as timetables, shopping lists, labels, stories, games and more!



The Collection was last updated in 2017. If you have an earlier version of The Collection you can upgrade for as little as £55 + p&p. Please complete and return the following form:

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