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The first DVD of Makaton-signed pop songs by Singing Hands. The DVD features an eclectic mix of timeless pop songs themed around the concepts of friendship and happiness. This collection incorporates a wide-range of age-appropriate, relevant vocabulary for children, teenagers and adults.
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Produced in association with the Makaton Charity, this DVD will enable viewers to expand their signing repertoire in a fun and funky musical way. Singing Hands have teamed up with the original Makaton Nursery Rhymes legend, Dave Benson-Phillips, to sing and sign together. Enjoy!


Track list

  1. Happy
  2. Best Friends – featuring Dave Benson-Phillips
  3. You Make Me Happy
  4. Love My Life – featuring the Singing Hands Pledgers Choir
  5. Can’t Stop the Feeling
  6. All About You
  7. With a Little Help From my Friends
  8. Reach
  9. Stand By Me
  10. Walking on Sunshine
  11. Count on Me
  12. You’ve Got a Friend in Me
  13. Pack Up
  14. True Colours
  15. Life’s a Happy Song – featuring Dave Benson-Phillips

Running Time: 55 min

You can also download the DVD from iTunes,

A corresponding audio CD of all these songs is available direct from Singing Hands,

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