Parent/ Carer Training Pack 2

Parent/ Carer Training Pack 2

Based on the materials taught in the Beginners' Workshop, adapted for home learning. Covers Stages 3, 4 and 5, and some of the Additional of the Core Vocabulary.
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This lively, innovative and fun approach provides an excellent and extremely popular way to learn Makaton. There are opportunities for self-assessment and numerous suggested activities so that learners can check their own progress. You should complete Pack 1 before undertaking this pack. Pack 2 contains:

  • Training manual and record sheets (140 pages)
  • Pocket book of signs taught in the pack
  • Pocket book of symbols taught in the pack
  • DVD of signs, with examples linked into useful phrases and practice sessions
  • DVD of practical examples of use, showing real-life practical use of the signs and symbols
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