My Makaton Book of Numbers

My Makaton Book of Numbers

Learning to count and read is fun with this beautifully illustrated children's book. The pictures and text are supported by Makaton symbols and signs which have been carefully chosen to help young children to express their needs and begin to interact with people around them.
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This children's book from Tipi Publishing Ltd uses lovable illustrations of colourful sea animals to explore early maths concepts. The text is supported by Makaton symbols and signs, which help children to communicate and learn.

The Makaton symbols and signs used include one whale, two sharks, three turtles, four penguins, five octopuses, six jellyfish, seven crabs, eight starfish, nine seahorses, ten shrimps, find and count. Instructional text and the following other useful signs are also included: number, how many, first, last, before, after, next and think.

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