Makaton for Maths: complete pack

Makaton for Maths: complete pack

*** 20% PRICE REDUCTION: USUAL PRICE £33.00 *** Makaton for Maths provides a visual approach to support the development of conceptual understanding in mathematics.
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Designed for Key Stage 1 students. This innovative resource features 37 key terms common to all areas of maths including total, difference, odd and even. These provide an initial core selection of terms that can be used to introduce mathematical ideas and develop an understanding and use of mathematics.

The pack includes teacher guidelines, symbol flashcards, pocket book of signs and symbols, and a CD of symbols to use with an interactive white board.

For further information about this resource, see the Why Use Makaton Symbols and Signs for Mathematics? factsheet (pdf file, 54kb).

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"When I discovered the Makaton for Maths resource I could see its benefits for mathematics classes and can see that all of the children in the class, not just the child with the identified learning need would benefit from sign and symbol support for numeracy sessions..."

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