Core Vocabulary Signs Book

Core Vocabulary Signs Book

Cover of Core Vocabulary Book of Signs

The Core Vocabulary is the starting point for everyone learning Makaton. This A4 book contains line drawings of all the signs used with the Makaton Core Vocabulary (Stages 1 to 8 and Additional).

***NEW EDITION*** Includes updated line drawings for more than 100 signs, and 15 new line drawings, including additional IT concepts.

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Thought I'd buy the updated version for the new and updated signs, my older version had seen better days. This book is absolutely jam packed with signs, they also look slightly bigger than the older version so they are easily understood on more confusing signs.
Loads of new words and additional signs in the back from a variety of other books available.
Great book to buy to start off with! Would recommend to anyone.

The book contains vocabulary essential to everyday life.  It is organised in Stages with early Stages containing signs and symbols for immediate needs like drink, eat and home.  Later Stages contain vocabulary for more abstract concepts like time and emotions.

It is ideal for use as a reference to help you remember the signs learned at a Beginners’ or Foundation Workshop.

The new edition of the Core Vocabulary Signs Book includes all the words listed in the Core Vocabulary wordlist plus the following additional IT concepts: mobile phone, website, to text, an email, to email, tablet, to send, laptop, printer, internet, fax machine, to fax, DVD, MP player, and iPod.

There is also an additional sign for Computer, using new technology, and an alternative sign for Toilet.

(See also: Core Vocabulary Signs Ebook)

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