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Printable resource that covers a wide range of vocabulary for weekday and leisure activities for groups and individuals: eating, sporting, dancing, crafts, computing and choir; outings to museums, theatres, libraries, fun fairs, garden centres and shops, and more!. Only available as a downloadable printable resource.
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Amazing to see adult products on the shelf!
Very good for colleges or higher education settings etc. Really helpful as a lot of these signs aren't in the national curriculum or core vocabulary so great that I haven't bought the same words twice. Thoroughly recommended!
Recently purchased this and was very excited as it is one of the first resources I have seen aimed at adults! It's been great to take to Day Centres and local colleges to use with the groups of adults I work with.

The signs and symbols for activities and places are all really useful and it's been a handy resource to be able to use during sessions.
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Includes Makaton symbols and line drawings of signs for:

  • timetable: the days of the week, morning, afternoon, evening
  • types: college, day centre, family, free time, friends, group, holiday, home, talking/ discussion, work
  • eating: BBQ, breakfat time, coffee break, cooking, dinner time, eating, housework, lunch time, takeaway
  • sporting: bowling/ skittles, football, horse riding, sensory room, snooker, sport/ exercise, sports centre, swimming, trampolining/ rebound
  • activities: art/ painting, bingo, boat, computers, craft, dancing, drama, DVD, email, Facebook, games, games console, gardening, karaoke, make-up, music, photography, pottery, quiz, sewing, Skype/ face time, tablet, iPad, telephone, TV, Twitter
  • places: bank, café, choir, church, cinema, club, disco, night club, funfair, garden centre, library, museum/ exhibition/ gallery, outing, trip, park, party, pub/ drink, shops, theatre, theme park, walk

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