Using Makaton with Would You Rather

Using Makaton with Would You Rather

Cover showing Makaton symbols and signs for you and to choose

Would You Rather... by John Burningham provides children with opportunities to make decisions and express choices. This printable guideline provides the sign and symbol vocabulary you need to use along with the book.

Only available as a downloadable printable resource.

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Makaton line drawings of signs for bang drum, bear, blow trumpet, bowl, box with, breakfast, bull, café, cage, castle, cat, chased, chicken, clash cymbals, coop, covered, crab, creepy, crocodile, crowd, crushed, dad, to dance, dead, desert, dinner, dog, dumplings, eagle, to eat, elephhant, fairy, fish, fog, forest, frog, gerbil, gnomes, goat, to have, to help, hippopotamus, hot air balloon, hutch, imp, jam, jungle, kennel, lion, live with, lost, made, magic, mashed, monkey, mud, mum, nettles, night, parrot, perch, pig, presents, pulled, rabbit, rather, to read, rhino, to ride, river, row, Santa Claus, school, sea, to skate with, slug, snail, snake, snow, soaked, spider, squash, stew, stole, supermarket, surrounded, to swallow, tea, to tickle, treasure, water, witch, wolves, worms, would, you, £5, £20, and £50.

Makaton symbols for bear, bed, bull, café, castle, cat, chicken, to choose, crab, crocodile, crowd, dance, desert, dog, eagle, elephant, fairy, fog, forest, fish, frightened, frog, gerbil, gnome, goat, hippopotamus, hot air balloon, imp, jam, jump, jungle, lion, magic, monkey, mud, parrot, pig, rabbit, rhinocerus, river, to row, Santa Claus, school, sea, slug, snail, snake, snow, spider, supermarket, treasure, water, which?, witch, wolf, worm, and you.

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