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Printable resource to help you to communicate more easily and make effective use of the valuable opportunities that occur at weddings. It contains a matching set of Makaton symbols and signs, which can be used in a range of situations and activities to aid participation and communication. Only available as a downloadable printable resource.
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Whether you are working with a group of regular Makaton users, a family member or perhaps you are aiming to include a Makaton user in an alternative or mainstream setting; whatever the circumstances, this topic-related group of symbols and signs will be an invaluable tool for building confidence and supporting understanding.

Includes Makaton symbols and line drawings of signs for engaged, to be excited, to feel (emotion), forever / always, happy, honeymoon / holiday, love, money, best man, bride, bridesmaid, family, flower girl, friend, groom, guests / people, husband, page boy, priest / vicar, wife, wedding party, bouquet (flowers), camera person, car, church / chapel, garden, horse drawn ceremonial carriage, to kiss, marriage, photograph, photographer, poem, registrar of births, deaths and marriages, ring (diamond), to sign name, song, vow / promise, red wine, rosé wine, sparkling wine, white wine, wedding breakfast / dinner, speech (story), band, to celebrate, to cut, dance, disco, fireworks, music, reception (party), and wedding cake.

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