Using Makaton with Peter Rabbit

Using Makaton with Peter Rabbit

Makaton signs & symbols for Peter & Rabbit

*** 60% PRICE REDUCTION: USUAL PRICE £2.50 *** Printable resource to help you when reading the classic children's picture book The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. It provides you with the signs you need, together with a few symbols, to help children to talk about the story and take part.

Only available as a downloadable printable resource.

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Makaton line drawings of signs for accident, among, ate, bakers, basket, beans, better, blsckberries, blackbirds, bought, bread, bunnies, button, camomile tea, can, carrying, cat, caught sight, climbed, Cotton-Tail, currant buns, damp, don't, door, evening, exert himself, family, faster, fat, father, fields, find his way, flopped down, Flopsy, flower pot, forgot, found, friendly, frightened, garden, gate, gave a dose, gave himself up, go, going out, goldfish, good, gooseberry net, got caught, hidden, hide, hoe, hoeing, home, hung up, implored, into, jacket, lane, lettuces, lippity, live, locked, look, looking, looking around, lost, meet, milk, mischief, Mopsy, more puzzled, mother, mouse, Mr McGregor, Mrs McGregor, Mrs Rabbit, near, no, noise, not, not well, one tablespoonful, overheard, parsley, peas, peeped over, Peter, pie, planting, plants, pond, potatoes, put, put him to bed, put upon the top, quite sure, rabbit, rabbits, radishes, ran on four legs, ran, ran after, run along, safe, said, sat down, scarecrow, secound, shed tears, shoe, shouting, sieve, sneezed, sobs, sparrows, speak, supper, tail twitched, tale, talk, tired, to gather, too small, tool shed, shut his eyes, sick, tree, trembling with fright, umbrella, under, upsetting, very naughty, wander about, was after him, water, way, way back, went, wheelbarrow, without, wood, work, and you.

Makaton symbols for baker, bed, bird, blackberries, bread, burrows, cake, cat. coat, Cotton-Tail, father rabbit, field, Flopsy, flower pot, forest, garden, Mopsy, Peter, mother rabbit, mouse, Mr McGregor, net, pie, plants, scarecrow, shoe, watering can, and wheelbarrow.

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