Makaton Friendly DJ

Jake Glennon
25th April 2018

DJ Jay with Makaton Friendly certificate


My name is Jake Glennon. Since the age of 12 I have been running events as DJ Jay Entertainer. I am the youngest DJ in the UK, and I recently became the first Makaton Friendly DJ.

What inspired me to learn Makaton?

My cousin Alice is 12, she has Down’s syndrome and is a Makaton user. Last year we were on a family holiday and at the evening entertainment I could see that Alice didn’t understand what the entertainers were saying. She didn’t understand why she wasn’t being given the chance to go up on stage, or win a prize. As the evening went on she got more and more upset.

DJ Jay posterI don’t want children to feel like this at my parties and events. I want everyone to feel included, so I decided to attend a Makaton workshop so I could learn Makaton properly.

I attended a Foundation Workshop and a special overview Workshop for Party Entertainers, which I helped select the vocabulary for. I enjoyed meeting the other participants and discussing how both signs and symbols can be used.

I was very proud to receive my Makaton Friendly status and I recently attended a Positive Choices conference at Trinity College Dublin, for student nurses supporting people with learning disabilities.

I attended with my cousin Alice and her mum Amanda (a Regional Tutor from IT Matters CIC ).

Watch DJ Jay in action

I ran workshops demonstrating how I use Makaton at my events, the message being if I can learn Makaton to support my events surely they too can learn Makaton to support people like Alice when in their care, when patients are at their most anxious and vulnerable. I hope I inspired them!

I have put together this footage of the trip  - please watch and share the message. This is me! - thank you.

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  • Carol Sutherland
    14 June 2019 10:15

    Hi Jay, just watched your video, its amazing, very inspiring. I work at a Childcare Centre in Cromarty in North East Scotland and we do some makaton with our 3-5 year olds on a daily basis and they love it. You have inspired me to do more, thank you so much. Keep up the good work. Carol Sutherland, Early Years Practitioner.