Making Alfreton Makaton Friendly

Josie O'Donnell
2nd July 2019

Training participants

At Alfreton Park School, we believe communication is at the heart of everything. If somebody cannot communicate and be understood, it makes it very difficult to make their wants known, get their needs met, form secure relationships and feel a part of their community.

Each one of our pupils are incredible and we are committed to securing the best outcomes for them, not only as students but as members of society. 

Alfreton Park Community Special School is an outward looking school and we on a mission to make Alfreton the first Makaton Friendly Town in the Midlands.

We have high aspirations for our pupils and there are no limits to what they can achieve if we can lower the barriers which they, and other members of the community with communication difficulties face.

Filming By equipping establishments in Alfreton with the skills they need to meet the needs of all their customers and clients, we hope to create an inclusive society that everyone can feel part of.

On 11th July, staff and pupils from Alfreton Park School and members of the community appeared on ITV News to publicise their mission.

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