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Dot R
20th March 2012

The front seat of Dot's car, filled with Makaton accessories


I'm a speech and language therapist working within the NHS for some of my week – but I won’t be writing about that. I’ve been self-employed one way or another for years. I was in a wonderful partnership with a fellow speech and language therapist (and friend) for many years. We are still the best of friends! That excellent partnership allowed us both to develop our careers onwards.

For me as I moved onwards it led to me making a strict partition about my working activities. In short any face to face speech and language therapy I do, is for the NHS. I don’t see anyone privately for therapy. End of.

My freelancing involves being a Makaton Tutor for some of my time, and for the rest working in a consultative capacity on various development projects for various organisations. The great thing is there is plenty of variety. The less great thing is my car becoming the disgrace it so evidently is:

The boot and front seat of Dot's car, filled with Makaton books and accessories

This week has been particularly busy on the tutoring front – some of it Makaton training, some of it not. I’m sure any other tutors reading this might relate to the remark that the working directly with groups of participants is brilliant fun – and rewarding too. I love meeting people and hearing their stories and becoming a part of their journey for a while.

My mother has lived a life which has seen her employ a tremendous knack of retaining contacts and friends, and at the grand age of 89 is still out there networking! I’m not sure I will ever be in her league, but for sure in my career and life I have ended up making some amazing friends, many of whom started off as ‘contacts’.

First things first though. I’m off away for a residential weekend which is of major excitement on several levels. First one (note the priorities here!) is that I will be meeting up with several of a group of awesome vocal leaders that I worked with closely just over a year ago (new friends!). Secondly, the residential is in Tyneside where I was born and raised, and have family connections.

The last excitement is the project we are all working on. I can’t tell you about that just yet, perhaps another time. But I can tell you that there will be lots of singing, and lots of Makaton, and who knows a couple of photos to share with you when I next post.

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