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Rochelle Dancel
1st December 2014

Screenshot of the Advent Calendar being produced


For many organisations, the prospect of getting 24 members of their user base to contribute 24 great videos to an annual campaign would be a daunting one.

But they don’t have a community like The Makaton Charity’s! One of the things that continues to move us has been the enthusiasm with which the community has contributed to the annual Makaton advent calendar and, having worked with the charity for over five years now, we know that Nickie and the team at the charity work tirelessly to match that level of passion and support for their community throughout the year.

So when the possibility arose that the calendar might not happen this Christmas, we decided to follow your example and pitch in; after all, we look forward to a new video every day as much as you do!

As many of the children are making their third appearance this year, it has been amazing to see how they have grown and changed.

Receiving the videos has turned into a bit of an event with everyone stopping and gravitating towards my computer. We’ve found ourselves copying the signs as we’ve watched the videos for the first time; in fact, I vividly remember knocking over a cup of coffee while trying to replicate the gusto with which Eleanor and Matthew gave us ‘Baby Jesus’ two years ago. Last year, when their equally enthusiastic ‘Jingle Bells’ video came in, someone looked over and screeched, “Oh look, it’s the Baby Jesus children!”

As well as being huge Eleanor and Matthew fans, the children from Lantern’s Children’s Centre usually summon a chorus of ‘ahhhhs’ and we’re always wondering how Santa will surprise Tom this year.

We hope you enjoy this year’s calendar as much as we’ve enjoyed making it. A big thank you to the rest of the Bats team and friends for helping us to make this happen this year, especially Ross Wintle at Oikos for taking care of our technical requirements, all the editors that volunteered their spare time.

If you'd also like to pitch in to support this amazing community, please make a donation at justgiving.com/makaton to help The Makaton Charity give a voice to someone who can't speak.

Merry Christmas from us to you – we look forward to seeing you next year!

Rochelle is a partner at Bats in Belfries | batsinbelfries.com

Go to advent.makaton.org to open today's window

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