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Dot R
4th May 2012

A pile of Makaton training manuals


Looking back over my diary since my last blog, I am amazed at how many different ways Makaton crops up! One major part of my life as a Makaton Tutor is helping groups of participants to achieve Open College Network (OCN) Accreditation as they learn about the Makaton language programme.

The basic training courses are extended over more sessions to give the learners the necessary time to complete the various practical and written assessments. Things become very lively and interactive as small groups of learners work together to develop their signing and symbol skills, and think through how they would answer questions from their Learner Workbook in order to evidence their understanding of Makaton.

Several Learner Workbooks open for checkingMy most recent group are all practitioners working within Early Years and Childcare. Within my locality there is a big emphasis on workforce development, and where possible the staff are encouraged to book in for training, which offers them the chance to gain credits for their study. Our Makaton training is well regarded and we find that various learners on our courses have been told that their successful completion of our Makaton training can be included as evidence of achievement of parts of other awards.

At the end of the course all the Learner Workbooks are collected in - this is the equivalent of a portfolio.

People express themselves in different ways - here you see the way I am looking over some symbol assessments and some written explanations about how Makaton symbols can be used to help people with differing levels of need.

A pile of learner workbooksWe get plenty of help and support when we are marking our learners’ work. As well as having marking guidelines, we each have a close relationship with an experienced Makaton Tutor who is assigned to support us with our marking and course delivery in general. Over all of this, there is a service at the Makaton Charity Training Office which looks after us as Tutors delivering the accredited training.

There is nothing better than taking delivery of the A4 rigid envelope containing the OCN certificates for the learners.....!!

First things first for me though. I am about to go to the post office to send off my latest batch of books to The Makaton Charity for moderation. We know people get such a lot from the standard Makaton training, but for me to take these practitioners that one step further in their learning is nothing short of fantastic!  I love it!

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