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Vanessa H
5th October 2018
Watch Dave Benson Philips singing and signing Goldilocks

Wellingtons Regent Day Nursery wants to meet the needs of our wider communities in providing a setting that welcomes ALL children and families. Makaton has become a huge part of our practise because we have seen the benefit it has made to all of our children, not just our SEN and EAL children.

We started off by learning a few Makaton signs for our nursery rhymes when we sing with the children and the children loved it. Our practitioners progressed by learning more signs not just through song but signs that are useful for our children ‘drink’ toilet’ nappy’ etc.

Dave Benson Philips with staffAfter a lot of interest from our parents wanting to learn and know more about Makaton we set up our sign of the week that is displayed at both entrances of the nursery and on our Facebook page.

Now Makaton is embedded in our practice and our practitioners use it every day. Makaton is used inclusively with all our children.

These are a few comments made by our practitioners:

“Makaton makes our children feel equal. It builds their confidence and they are so happy to share their signs.”

“I was so proud the first time a non-verbal child used Makaton as a way of communicating with me, I felt that I had given them a gift, it inspired me to progress my knowledge of Makaton further”

“I have seen Makaton bring some of our more reserved children into their comfort zone, and more confident to show their personalities”

Our day with Dave Benson Phillips

Dave Benson Philips singing with childrenFrom the minute we picked Dave up from the Hotel we knew it was going to be a fun day. He bought his big, bubbly personality with him to our nursery. He was so friendly and brilliant at what he does.

He held two sing and sign sessions throughout the day, we sang lots of nursery rhymes including ‘baby shark’ and learnt some new signs.

Dave sang with his guitar and the children loved it! He signed the whole of the story of ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’ which was amazing.

Dave Benson Philips with staffDave stayed for lunch with us and shared his knowledge and experience of working with children that have special needs, he gave us ideas and inspired us to want to do more.

Our next project is to put together a Makaton calendar with our nursery children which we will launch for sale in November.  The profits made from this venture will be donated to The Makaton Charity.

Thank you from all the staff at Wellingtons Regent Day Nursery.

Check out our Nursery Rhymes DVD, nineteen popular children's nursery rhymes, signed, sung and spoken by Dave Benson Phillips.

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