Curious Kittens Nursery

Kelly B
24th June 2016

Three girls and two boys from Curous Kittens Nursery with their Makaton Friendly certificate


At Curious Kittens Nursery we take great pride in providing outstanding care for children of all ages attending our setting, along with being a wonderful support network working alongside the City College Plymouth to support our Student families, many of whom have English as an additional language. All staff at both settings are passionate about their jobs and are always willing to go that extra step to help everyone feel welcome and at ease.

At our nursery we are very proud to say that all of our staff have undertaken full training in Makaton, this training consisted of four days full training with work-based and practical sessions to an advanced level.

The training was thoroughly enjoyed by all, and our skills are now being used throughout the nursery on a daily basis. In addition we share signs and symbols with parents and hold singing sessions with parents and this has been supported by our wonderful tutor Wendy Devine, who has shared her passion through her teaching.

Makaton symbols on table and chairsWe use our Makaton training consistently throughout the day, whether we are using it during play or singing nursery rhymes with the children, which they thoroughly enjoy. We have put up signs and symbols around the nursery at children’s eye level, naming various objects and items such as door, window, table, chair etc, and we will continue to expand on our usage of signs and symbols.

The training has been very beneficial to us as a whole team as we are now more confident in our communicating abilities with young infants, with children with an additional language, and with children who have additional needs and aren’t able to communicate vocally. External audits, including Ofsted, have identified communication as a strength of our settings

It gives us real pleasure to see the smiles on the faces of the children when they show us they are proud of their achievements when learning new signs, or just through having that opportunity to be able to communicate without the worry of not being understood.

Curious Kittens Nursery is a Makaton Friendly organisation. Get in touch with Sarah Drew (01267 606760 / to find out how you can become Makaton Friendly.

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