Makaton is amazing!

Annie R
4th May 2012

James wearing a blue shirt


James is 3, he has Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and severe language delay. He attends a crèche for children with special needs.

We heard about Makaton at the crèche, when James was 1. We use symbols and signs every day. We use the Core Vocabulary CD and lots of the free downloads from the Makaton website.

The whole family (two adults; four children) uses Makaton. And many of our friends and wider family have learnt the little songs we sing with the signing.

James has started to say a few words and is begining to actually sign! :-) We have had 'where' and 'dog' in signing, and we don't have a dog!

Symbols now play a huge part in our lives, with a storyboard of everyday things we are about to do.

James's little brother now signs beautifully at just 15 months old. He recognises the symbols and signs of at least fifteen words.

Makaton is amazing! It is a wonderful way to communicate, our whole house loves it.

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