A beautiful bond

Danielle M
8th September 2014

My son, Olly, has left hemiplegia, which has had an effect on his speech.

We go to a support group at our local children's centre, which has been fantastic for us. It was at this group that we heard about Makaton.

I attended a Makaton workshop, which was was amazing! The tutor took us through the course in such an interesting and fun way.

So much so that I went home and began to show my daughter, Isla, what I had learnt over the two days. Isla is always so eager to help and guide Olly through all his development their bond together is beautiful!

Isla began to sign mummy and daddy instantly, and straight away asked for more and more signs. She was so quick to learn the signs that it gave me a confidence boost in being an example for her and for Olly.

I can't thank you enough for the course!! 

At home

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