• Do we really need Makaton?

    Mia signing flower to Natty

    When Mia was born I knew baby signing was a good idea in theory, but never got any further than buying a book. But when Natty was born with Down's Syndrome and Makaton was suggested, it was a whole new ball game. This time signing was a necessity, wasn't it?

    On 20 Sep 2012 / By Hayley Goleniowska
    At home
  • A little star

    Ella with her mum and dad

    At 15 months old she signed 'more' - months of perseverance had paid off and two-way communication had begun. At 21 months she continues to do well and her current signs include baby, sorry, hair, phone, no, oops & thank you.

    On 10 Sep 2012 / By Amy Dunn
    At home
  • Boogie 9000: Makaton Robot

    Two of the robots from the film

    Boogie 9000: Makaton Robot is a short film by students of Beacon Hill Film Project in North Shields that highlights the importance of Makaton. It is about a robot who is sent from his home planet of Beebop to find more Makaton words.

    On 26 Jul 2012 / By Will S
    Out and about
  • MyChoicePad

    Zoe Peden presenting MyChoicePad to an audience

    I’ve been taking my app, MyChoicePad and a suitcase of iPads on the road, in a bid to to put the app in the hands of those who can really benefit from it so they can make an informed opinion as to who and how it might help.

    On 25 Jun 2012 / By Zoe Peden
    Out and about
  • Superhero!

    Isaac wearing an elf costume

    Makaton has given Isaac a voice that without it would leave him isolated and frustrated, instead we have a happy, communicative young boy who can communicate many of his needs and feelings to those close to him.

    On 04 May 2012 / By Ann-Marie S
    At home
  • Makaton is amazing!

    James wearing a blue shirt

    James is 3, he has Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and severe language delay. He has started to say a few words and is begining to actually sign! :-) We have had 'where' and 'dog' in signing, and we don't have a dog!

    On 04 May 2012 / By Annie R
    At home
  • Leaps and bounds

    Joshua in a sports shirt

    Joshua really enjoys signing, and his language has come on leaps and bounds. If it was not for Makaton he would still be frustrated trying to be understood.

    On 04 May 2012 / By Jenny H
    At home
  • Achieving Accreditation

    A pile of Makaton training manuals

    I am amazed at how many different ways Makaton crops up! One major part of my life as a Makaton Tutor is helping groups of participants to achieve Open College Network (OCN) Accreditation as they learn about the Makaton language programme.

    On 04 May 2012 / By Dot R
    At work
  • Portesbery School

    A teacher helps a boy pupil with his PECS symbols

    We encourage parents to attend our courses and one parent commented that her daughters face lit up to realise that Mum was speaking her language and she was then able to show her Mum some signs!

    On 23 Mar 2012 / By Clare P
    At school
  • It’s a way of life

    Thank you letter written in Makaton symbols

    Tom wants to go to the corner shop. I find an old receipt in my bag to write his list on. I try to remember the symbols for the three items that we need, Tom goes into the shop and I walk on. I realise that Makaton is littered through my day because it’s a way of life just like talking itself.

    On 23 Mar 2012 / By Deborah H
    At home