• Freelance free-flow

    The front seat of Dot's car, filled with Makaton accessories

    I’m sure any other tutors reading this might relate to the remark that the working directly with groups of participants is brilliant fun – and rewarding too. I love meeting people and hearing their stories and becoming a part of their journey for a while.

    On 20 Mar 2012 / By Dot R
    At work
  • Meaningful relationships

    Jacob on the beach

    Jacob has many friends who all use Makaton and you should see them together. It's one thing that all our family love, to watch. Meaningful relationships, it's something I thought he'd never have and thanks to Makaton he has many close friends who share their love of life together...

    On 20 Mar 2012 / By Wendy Devine
    At home
  • Insight & inspiration

    Ella signing 'goat' at the farm

    Signing gave me an insight into Ella’s world: her thoughts, her needs, her wants. Without it, our interaction would have been one way. Equipping Ella with the ability to sign allowed her to develop her own expressive language while also developing her receptive language too...

    On 20 Mar 2012 / By Suzanne Miell-Ingram
    At home
  • Miles, Makaton and Me

    A black & white photo of Miles clapping

    When Miles was born, I felt very lucky and deliriously happy. All that changed when I realised my baby had Down's syndrome.  We stayed in hospital for one week because I was too scared to go home.  Even though my grief was overwhelming I felt a strong need to learn, to get involved and to do...

    On 20 Mar 2012 / By Tracy Upton
    At home
  • The Hand

    Detail of the sculpture showing some of the Makaton symbols used

    The Hand, a sculpture at Rufford Abbey Country Park in Nottinghamshire, was designed by children, young people and their carers who use Makaton, working with local sculptor and blacksmith, Roger Lee...

    On 19 Mar 2012 / By Andy Phipps
    Out and about
  • The Hug

    Tracy King, with her daughters Rachael and Sarah

    Tracy King, our Family Advisor, explains how Makaton and caring support from expert staff helped her daughters become happy at school, where they gained emotionally, socially and educationally...

    On 09 Mar 2012 / By Tracy King
    At school
  • Using Makaton for Maths

    Cards from Makaton for Maths, showing sign and symbol for 'add'

    When I discovered the Makaton for Maths resource I could see its benefits for mathematics classes and can see that all of the children in the class, not just the child with the identified learning need would benefit from sign and symbol support for numeracy sessions.

    On 07 Mar 2012 / By Rachel B
    At school
  • A bright future

    Ryan in a Wales rugby shirt

    My grandson Ryan, aged 3 years 9 months, has Down's syndrome. Everyone who knows Ryan has said he is coming on a lot quicker now that we are all doing Makaton. Ryan is very bright as he connects things that you would not expect any child to do at his age...

    On 29 Feb 2012 / By Grace W
    At home
  • Early communication

    Tia sitting in a garden

    My sister Tia, 3, has Down's syndrome. She has been using Makaton since before her first birthday. She would never have been able to communicate as early as she did without Makaton, which would have frustrated her and us as it was obvious she knew what she wanted...

    On 29 Feb 2012 / By Chaya K
    At home
  • Wonderful!

    Zac and Maddy

    Maddy loves music and signs to songs. She now speaks in two and three word phrases, sometimes more. For example, she'll tell us to be quiet because her little brother is asleep. It is wonderful to see her tell us what she is thinking about - it's often the cat!

    On 29 Feb 2012 / By Rachel H-B
    At home