Seeing Mr Tumble run!

Michael out running, dressed as Mr Tumble
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Michael Barnett is running the London Marathon as Mr Tumble, to raise money for The Makaton Charity.

Hi again

Earlier today, I gave the Mr Tumble outfit a run out.  Five miles: along the Thames and through Bushy Park.  Some of the reactions were priceless!  My neighbour waved gaily and then looked puzzled, a fellow runner wished me well while a lady out walking just laughed.

Some people had that look upon their face when out on the mean streets of Surrey to resolutely ignore everyone and everything around them, even a man in yellow trousers, a blue waistcoat and pink bow tie smiling at them.  They totally blanked me, didn’t even manage a snicker.  What, was I dressed like a clown or something?

My favourite was the workman in Hampton Court Palace.  It was as if his head had an automatic swivel mechanism as it tracked me all the way along the path and past where he was standing.  All the while, he had a “buffer face” as per the Kevin Bacon ad.  More clowns in Royal Palaces are obviously required!

Thanks to everyone who has sponsored me so far.  It is a great boost every time an email arrives from Just Giving to say that another donation has arrived. 

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Thanks again for all of the support,


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7th April 2015

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