No Pens Day Wednesday evaluation

Roundabout Children's Centre's case study
Roundabout Children's Centre used the project as the inspiration to learn some key Makaton signs and symbols to use with the children. Click here to download their case study. (pdf file, 353kb)

No Pens Day Wednesday 2014 was a huge success with over 3,600 schools and settings signed up in total. As part of the evaluation process

The Communication Trust have been working to capture stories about the innovative activities that schools and settings organised for the day and the impact it had.

Twelve of these case studies are now available to access on a new dedicated evaluation page of their website, together with the No Pens Day Wednesday 2014 evaluation report. (No Pens Day 2014 evaluation website)

Some highlights from the report include:

  • Over 95% of respondents said they’d do something differently around speech, language and communication as a result of taking part in No Pens Day Wednesday

  • Over 80% of respondents reported that taking part had raised awareness of speech, language and communication needs in their school/setting

  • One in five schools said that taking part in the day had helped them identify a pupil who was struggling with their spoken language that they’d not identified before

Cover of All About MeNo Pens Day Wednesday

No Pens Day Wednesday is an annual national event from The Communication Trust that encourages schools to put down their pens and pick up their language by running a whole day focused on speaking and listening activities. The Communication Trust provides everything schools and settings need to run the day, which can be downloaded for free from their website, including the All About Me resource from The Makaton Charity. More than 11,000 copies of All About Me have been downloaded from The Makaton Charity's website. Click here to download your copy...

27th January 2015

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