Mr Tumble does a ParkRun

Michael at the ParkRun, dressed as Mr Tumble
If you are able to make a donation, whatever the amount, to The Makaton Charity, please visit my Just Giving page to donate now!

Michael Barnett is running the London Marathon as Mr Tumble, to raise money for The Makaton Charity.

Hi all

A week to go now and I am starting to feel nervous and excited.  Nervous about whether the amount of training has been sufficient and excited because, well…. you don’t get to run the London Marathon dressed as Mr Tumble every day of the week!

Now it is just a question of a few light runs, loading the carbs and watching every tiny change in the weather forecast.  Not too hot, not too cold, not too windy and no rain.  Too much to ask?

Yesterday, Mr Tumble got a run out in Bushy Park to do a ParkRun. “Not the real Mr Tumble, only someone dressed as him” as one child commented.  I clearly need to improve my Makaton skills. 

It was good to receive so many positive comments from the other runners and, if you’ve never heard of ParkRun, take a look at  It’s a free 5k run that happens every week in 324 locations across the UK.

The fundraising has picked up and you have no idea how immensely grateful I am to everyone who has sponsored me so far.  Refreshing my Just Giving page has become a daily obsession. 

Screenshot from video of Stephen Fry supporting Michael's fundraisingI have even enlisted the support of Stephen Fry who has been very helpful.  Yes, that Stephen Fry and you can check it out here.

Every £ of sponsorship will help The Makaton Charity reach more kids and adults who need help to communicate.  If you’ll allow me to be blunt, a £ is better than a “Like” so, if you haven’t already, please take the plunge:

Thanks again for all of the support,


(Read Michael's previous blog, Seeing Mr Tumble run!)

20th April 2015

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