Learning disability and autism training for health and care staff: Please tell us what you think of our ideasAfter many campaigns and emerging evidence that an estimated 1,200 deaths every year of people with a learning disability could have been avoided through timely access to good healthcare and women with a learning disability are dying 29 years before women in the general population and men 23 years, the government acknowledge that this must change and are saying that by 2023 there will be improved health services for people with learning disabilities and autism.

To demonstrate their commitment the Government are making Learning Disability training mandatory for all health care professionals. In a bid to roll this out effectively and do it right, the Government published the Learning disability and autism training for health and care staff consultation. They know what they want to do but they don’t know how to do it so that people with learning disabilities have equal access to healthcare.

As part of the All-Party parliamentary group we are urging organisations, healthcare providers, patient groups, families and of course individuals with a learning disability to submit their views on:

  • what should be included in the training
  • how should it be delivered, how to involve people with learning disabilities or autism
  • how they can mandate, monitor and evaluate the impact of training?

Day in and day out we see communication being a barrier to the people we know and/or love and now we have an opportunity to highlight the importance of being able to communicate and understand a person who has difficulties communicating. Making the care they receive personalised and meaningful. This is our chance to make a real difference.

The deadline for our contributions is 12th April.

4th March 2019

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